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July - August 2014 Issue

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Over 10,000 served. This is the number of individuals McDonald's of Guam says it serves daily. That translates to about 6% of the island population being fed breakfast, lunch, or dinner at any of the nine locations in northern and central Guam. According to Divina Evaristo, McDonald's of Guam's marketing consultant, the ubiquitous chain restaurant celebrated 40 years on Guam on June 10, by selling 40-cent hamburgers (the price in 1971) for four hours (and more than 2,500 sold).

In the 40 years that it has been operating in Guam, McDonald's has achieved record sales worldwide. In the early 1970s, McDonald's Tamuning was the largest in the world, later surpassed by the Moscow and Shanghai locations.

McDonald's of Guam aims to keep costs down by implementing various cost-saving, efficiency incentives, in line with initiatives nationwide, according to Evaristo.Evaristo says there are some new things to expect in the near future. "We have a temporary location at the Liberation Carnival. We are hoping to open in Mangilao next, to serve the large education and residential community there."

McDonald's recently launched another frozen beverage in strawberry and lemonade flavors. "We have added more Chicken McNuggets sauce varieties and reformulated the Premium Chicken Sandwich line to include better tasting chicken and whole grain buns." Earlier this year, McDonald's also added Fruit and Maple Oatmeal for a healthy breakfast or all day option.

High quality is one of McDonald's top priorities McDonald's, says Evaristo. "From our meats to our cheeses, from our fresh produce to our eggs. We are committed to serving you the very best. We believe the customer is always right [and] they deserve the best quality service, cleanliness, and value we can deliver."



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